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                  Process procedure for making steel structure
                  1、 建筑設計院提供的設計圖是不能直接用來加工制作鋼結構,而是要考慮加工工藝,如公差配合、加工余量、焊接控制等因素后,在原設計圖的基礎上繪制加工制作圖。加工制作圖是最后溝通設計人員及施工人員的意圖,它起到制作要領書的作用,又是實際尺寸、劃線、剪切、坡口加工、打孔、彎制、拼裝、焊接、涂裝、產品檢查、堆放、發送等各項作業的指示書,還起到進行高水平管理的檢查表的作用。
                  1. The design drawings provided by the architectural design institute can not be used directly to make the steel structure, but to consider the processing technology, such as tolerance coordination, machining allowance, welding control and so on, and draw the drawing drawings on the basis of the original design drawings. The processing drawing is the intention of communicating the designer and the constructors at the end. It plays the role of making the important books. It is also the reference book of the actual size, line, cutting, groove processing, drilling, bending, assembling, welding, painting, product inspection, stacking, sending and so on. It also plays a high level of management. Check the function of the table.

                  Analysis of construction conditions before 2. processing and making
                  It is necessary to analyze and study the construction conditions or difficulty degree by drawing or examining the design drawings. It is necessary to carefully analyze the difficult parts of the welding, whether the high strength bolts and fasteners are used, and the welding angle of the electrode should be kept in the narrow place.
                  3.鋼卷尺 ?在鋼結構工程中,主要使用皮尺、寬帶鋼卷尺及凸面鋼卷尺中任何一種一級產品。最好使工廠用卷尺和現場用卷尺屬同一類產品,也就是各工種之間使用“同一把尺”。如果有困難,則10m之間的相互差值控制在0.5mm之內。
                  3. steel tape. In steel structure engineering, it is mainly used in any kind of grade products, such as tape measure, broadband steel tape and convex steel tape. It is better to use the tape and field tape as the same type of product in the factory, that is to say, the "same ruler" is used among all kinds of work. If there are difficulties, the difference between 10m is controlled within 0.5mm.
                  4. the operators should carry out training and assessment, special work should be qualified to confirm, and do well in the technical disclosure of each process.


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