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                  You may all have the feeling that the speed of building a house is too fast. If you lay a foundation somewhere and start building a house, and you don't see it every few days, you will find that several floors have been built. If you don't come for a while, the building will be ready soon. This is because the current real estate business in tender success, start demolition of old houses, laying the foundation of these links may spend a lot of time, in order to recover costs as soon as possible, we need to speed up the pace of building houses, concrete will meet the requirements of real estate business.
                  Some concrete hardening speed is fast, the wind blows for 24 hours, you can dismantle the outside template, this is used in less important occasions, how is a residential building and so on, generally that is, 3-5 days to dismantle the template, so, if a period of time did not pass through the building, in the future will find a lot of high original. Because.


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