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                  1. Measure and determine the height of the storey and groove the back wall. The height is 8 cm and the depth is 6 cm. The groove body should be neat and not burr.
                  2. Install the template. More support, not concave and convex. In the middle of 10 square meters or more, the height should be increased by 1%.
                  3. Eye punching in groove. Every 12 centimeters interval 14 centimeters hammer eye 8 centimeters, after beating, rinse with water. There are embedded iron parts in Guanlan, which can be welded directly without planting steel bars.
                  4. Binding reinforcing bars: long reinforcing bars No. 14, short reinforcing bars No. 12, double-deck. Small cantilever beam reinforcement No. 16, large cantilever beam reinforcement No. 20, more than 10 square steel reinforcement, 20 square above the best addition of beams. All stairs need beams. (Consider wiring pipes for future wiring)
                  5. Pouring concrete: To ensure the quality of cement, stones should be washed clean and coarse yellow sand should be used as far as possible. When the area reaches 35 square meters, the finished concrete should be used as far as possible.
                  6、振實混凝土:振動棒平板震動,使表面振平。成品后的現澆面的厚度不得低于10公分。攝氏20度以上,每天都要澆水保養,8天后拆模板。零下15度以下兩天澆水保養一次,15天后可以折模板。這樣,現澆面與原墻成為一體,承重每平方300公斤。 現澆的好處:1.隔音效果好。2.少占用樓層空間。
                  6. Vibrating concrete: Vibrating rod plate vibrates to flatten the surface. The thickness of cast-in-place surface after finished product shall not be less than 10 cm. Above 20 degrees Celsius, water and maintain every day, and remove the formwork after 8 days. Water and maintain once every two days below minus 15 degrees, and fold the formwork after 15 days. In this way, the cast-in-place surface and the original wall become one body, bearing 300 kilograms per square. Benefits of cast-in-place: 1. Good sound insulation effect. 2. Less floor space.
                  Stairs can also be poured. Cast stairs, walk steadily. Ready-bought staircases, which seem to be light, will vibrate when they walk. They have the same sound insulation effect as steel partitions: walking upstairs and walking downstairs for several steps.


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